Ryan Bartels, Founder of Circuit Technologies

After being a caddy for five seasons at a variety of clubs in both the Chicago and Cleveland area, I began to notice consistent problems in caddie programs. These problems included difficulties around scheduling, managing, and paying caddies. Naturally, as a 19-year-old college student, I thought to myself, “Is it possible to eliminate a few of these difficulties using technology?”

After a few weeks of research I found that these problems could be resolved through the use of a smart phone and a desktop. At the root of each lingering difficulty was a void of communication between the Club, the Member, and the Caddie. Circuit was the answer to these problems. With our advanced scheduling capabilities, combined with the ability for golfers to pay caddies directly, many of the headaches have been resolved. Circuit is here to fill the void of communication with a live network customized for your club’s needs.

Club’s now have the ability to post loops to their network of caddies from their desktop or mobile device. All the caddie has to do is request to take the loop and receive confirmation on the requested loop from the caddie master. Simple, but effective. Caddie masters and clubs are not only able to reduce the amount of cash floated, but they also save endless hours in the back office by eliminating the process of assigning loops through email and text, processing chits manually, and managing a large group of caddies in the yard. On the other side of the equation, caddies are able to save hours of waiting and wondering if they will have work that day. Not only does Circuit save time and energy, it also allows for the quality of your caddie program dramatically.

Circuit Caddie is available on any device by visiting www.circuit.app

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