Golf took young kids like Byron Nelson, Ben Hogan and myself out of the caddie ranks and gave us money and a little bit of fame and let us live in the tall cotton.

- Jimmy Demaret

The Incredible Invisible Risks

Who does the caddie work for?  Are they employees of the club?  Are they contracted by the member directly?  Clubs and members want to have caddies at their beck and call the old fashioned way, but members don’t want to hear that the old fashioned way is no longer viable in today’s regulated world.

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Then, what happens when a caddie gets hurt?  Who pays for his emergency medical bills?

Circuit greatly reduces all of these risks by requiring the caddie to accept the terms and conditions of the agreement prior to the loop.

Why Keep a Cash Box?

It is sad that we even have to think about this, but cash boxes can disappear.  With tens of thousands of dollars ready to pay caddies with little security compared to other cash type businesses, all it takes is a bad person to make a bad choice in order to create a major disruption in the club’s activities.

By implementing Circuit at your club, you are eliminating this threat!  Retire your cash box!

The Cash Crunch

In today’s volatile and competitive environment, clubs need to improve their cash turnaround cycle. When a member chits a caddie fee, it can take as long as 60 days for the member to pay their club bill, but the caddie typically gets paid within a few days.

Using the Digital Chit or the mobile app, Circuit pays the caddie the next business day directly out of the member’s bank or credit card account.

Not to mention, using Circuit eliminates all of the employee time and effort necessary to handle paper chits and cash and reconciling with accounting.

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Simply arrange payment

Simply provide Circuit with your caddie list including the caddie's name, phone number and email. Your members will be able to download our app, search the name of the caddie within your clubs Circuit account, and pay them directly through the Circuit Caddie app.

Caddie Ratings

After each round, members will be able to provide feedback on their caddie experience giving you vital feedback on your caddies. Use feedback to ensure the quality of your caddie program.

Ready Set & Go Onboading

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